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Founded in 2003, Eastern Journeys was established to offer a comprehensive Destination Management Service throughout China for those guests seeking deluxe and luxury itineraries but where they wish time spent being introduced to the China that can’t be experienced solely from the back of an air-conditioned limousine.

Eastern Journeys regularly includes any number of special treats within its Chinese journeys whether it’s a simple Cooking Lesson in a Local Home offered to enable guests to better understand the country’s present way of life or perhaps a very special Lunch on the Great Wall of China at which a renowned Wall Expert joins so that a critical part of the country’s history can be brought to life.

Consistently a highlight of travelling with Eastern Journeys is the access this offers to our remarkable Family of Local Guides many of whom have worked with us for well over 10 years and along with being empowered to make local decisions they’re most likely to be the ‘Door Openers’ that can connect guests with the surprise experiences that can never be pre-planned.

Since inception, Eastern Journeys’ has grown its reputation through an unwavering focus on the highest levels of personal service combined with expert advice and our in-depth country knowledge. Word of Mouth has been Eastern Journeys’ primary source of growth and to the many satisfied guests we have around the world who’ve made recommendations to Family and Friends, we offer our sincerest thanks.

The Eastern Journeys’ Team looks forward to welcoming you to China, Tibet and Hong Kong.

A note from David Allardice, Eastern Journeys’ Founder

When only a few weeks after establishing Eastern Journeys the terrible news of the discovery of SARS was made and most hotels in China and Hong Kong had no choice but close all but one floor, who could have believed possible the future success that lay ahead for the new kid on the block. It’s truly been a pleasure establishing and growing a China DMC that doesn’t believe air-conditioned limousines are the only way to get around and that luxury travellers (not just backpackers) want to touch the earth as they travel, meet locals going about their daily lives and return home with not just with a tourist’s often blinkered opinion but instead a deeper insight into the people and country of China. If only one guest felt they’d gotten such an insight, I’m able to declare Eastern Journeys has achieved what it set out to do.