Customized to meet your interests.

We have structured our sample journey ideas so that they can either be enjoyed as single city modules or as a longer journey though as all journeys are individually customized for each guest these should only be seen as a starting point for letting us create your own visit to this country.

Our passion is 'showing off' China to our guests and we always want to ensure that our guests get to see the parts of China that interest them and as a result we individually tailor each journey idea so that it suits your interests, available time and your budget.

Eastern Journeys arranges the complete itinerary and all of the travel details from the moment you arrive at the first airport in China to the moment you leave.

On the ground we offer our local staff in each city who are natives of where you are visiting as we believe this lets you not only explore the country's fascinating cultural and scenic wonders but also enjoy an experience of what the 'New China' is all about.

We are also delighted to offer customized small group itineraries that may have a specialist interest and from time-to-time we organize small group journeys exploring some of the more remote corners of this country.